How to grow big eyelashes

Aug 31, 09 How to grow big eyelashes

Posted by Brandys Mantoya in Eyelashes, Makeup, Product Reviews, Tutorials

How to grow big eyelashes Few easy steps will teach you how to grow big eyelashes. To have long and full eyelashes you need: 1. Remove eye makeup every night to prevent chemicals of makeup build up on the base of your eyelashes and destroy follicle of your eyelashes. 2. Remove eyemakeup with good makeup remover that...

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Airbrush makeup

Jun 12, 09 Airbrush makeup

Posted by Brandys Mantoya in Makeup, Product Reviews, Tips and tricks, Tutorials

Airbrush makeup TV actors have switched to airbrush makeup because it looks flawless under the unforgiving lenses of HDTV. And it doesn’t melt if you sweat. Airbrush makeup is now available to the general public. Here’s all you need to know to do it at home. Catherine Zeta Jones wears it. So does Jennifer Lopez. Why?...

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