Grow Strong Healthy Long and Full Eyelashes

Here is how to grow strong, healthy, long and full eyelashes.

As everything else, like good skin care or hair care, eyelashes need consistency and that consistency will bring you results.

If you want to grow strong, healthy, long and full eyelashes, it will take 3-4 months and will require about 1 minute a day. But you need to take time and to give your eyelashes that one minute.

If you are experiencing significant eyelash loss to the point of boldness, you may want to talk to your doctor or dermatologist to rule out some medical conditions. Although advice I will give you is not going to interfere with any sicknesses you may have.

Here are the list of things you need to do to grow strong healthy long and full eyelashes. Only one minute a day, really.

1. Always remove eye makeup. Can’t stress it enough. Removing makeup is a key to growing strong healthy long and full eyelashes. Why is it important to remove makeup every night?  All cosmetics have some kind of chemicals. If not removed, makeup starts building up on th ebase of eyelashes, slowly destroy healthy molecules. Not only it is not good for wrinkles and overall skin appearance, makeup, especially mascara and eyeliner can destroy follicles and make eyelashes weaker, thinner or make eyelashes to fall out. Bold spaces in place of previous eyelashes is not fun at all, but if you are not removing makeup daily(or, should I say, nightly?), that’s what is going to happen – bold spaces on eyelids.eyelashes



2. Few things you need to remember when removing eye makeup. Makeup remover need to respond to makeup you are removing. Do read reviews, do follow trends, but also think about your own need and your situation. Some people have good skin which rarely has any pores, doesn’t have pimples, they don’t apply moisturizers nightly and rarely care what they use to wash their faces with.I am one of these people. I need to remember to apply moisturizer or clean face, it just doesn’t bother me, I’ve always had a good skin. So I pretty much can experiment with any makeup remover as soon as it removes makeup. I will yet to see makeup remover or any skin care product to irritate my skin or cause redness or pimples. But even I need to find makeup remover that actually removes makeup I have. I like Lancome Dual Action BiFacil because it removes even waterproof makeup without rubbing. This is the most important thing – NO RUBBING. If you makeup remover doesn’t dissolve makeup after you applied cotton pad, soaked in makeup remover, to your eyes, then ditch it and get another one. Rubbing not only destroy follicles of eyelashes or eyebrows, it also will create mini cuts or tears on eyelids, that lately may get infected.  I also have no allergic reactions to anything. So oils, herbs or strong allergans don’t bother me. But I know that most women need to see if they are allergic to certain products, and, unfortunately, red puffy eyes are signs that you are, so asometimes it is hard to determine either you can’t stand a remover or you are allergic to something else and it makes eylids puffy. So try one new item at a time, or if tried together, illiminate one at a time to determine the best products FOR YOU and IN YOUR SITUATION (like what makeup are you removing, is it mineral, waterproof or just regular and what skin you have, what are you allergic to).

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