How to do smokey eyes.

Here is a simple tutorial how to do smokey eyes makeup.

  • 1. Apply neutral eyeshadow across entire lid.
  • 2. Line eyes with black pencil you could smudge. Line all around closer to eyelash line, top and bottom.
  • 3. Smudge eyeliner, blending it a little.
  • how to do smokey eyes makeup

  • 4. Apply dark shadow ( black, brown, dark blue, purple, whatever color you like best) over dark pencil which had been smudged. Blend it really well.
  • 5. Line eyes again with black liner, now you can even line inside the eyelid.
  • 6. Apply mascara and you are done!
  • Tips on how to do smokey eyes makeup

  • 1. If you have small eyes apply liner from step 2 starting from the middle of the under eye to the outside of the eye. If your eyes are large feel free to line from corner to corner.
  • When blending eyeshadow, try to blend vertically, making it darker close to eyelashes and lighter as it goes further from eyelashes.
  • Best mascaras

    Elizabeth Arden or LancĂ´me

    Best eyelash growth serum

    Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

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